On Wudaoying

tumblr_n6dmzmjJdA1tul8k3o1_500 On Wudaoying On Wudaoying tumblr n6dmzmjJdA1tul8k3o1 500

Starry (left), Chef of Chi restaurant on 五道营胡同 trained as a fashion designer at Trent University in the UK, which probably goes a long way to explain his hipster looks ( Ben Sherman Tee Shirt and NB trainers) Yet it is his floppy black straw hat which caught my eye; I put a few kuais on this trends becoming big this summer. OuyiHui (right) is a photographer who happens to use the same cultish street camera Ricoh GR as your humble servant writing these words just acquired yesterday to give you better images to browse over. ENJOY

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