To the Skies!

756940259  To the Skies! 756940259 

Here is the Bifu by Chen Xing pop-up being set-up.

1463310447  To the Skies! 1463310447

And some photos from his latest fashion shoot.  Chen Xing is taking off this time as he again brings a chic pop-up lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing. The fashion show for his latest collection will also be the first event on Opus Terrace this year.  It will be taking place on April 9.

338274636  To the Skies! 338274636

The dresses are displayed on a runway in the lobby.

831630007  To the Skies! 831630007

The clothes this time are for a new Chinese lady of the global class.

1553562749  To the Skies! 1553562749

Think the glamour of the skies, but this is not retro.

1700870988  To the Skies! 1700870988

Our elegant lady traveller brings a brand new sophistication the likes of which the world has not seen before. She glides from exclusive club to secluded spa to well-renovated brownstone her feet seemingly never touching the ground.

1729040652  To the Skies! 1729040652

She may sipping Dom Pérignon in first class but it’s more likely that she is in a helicopter or a Learjet with a custom chrome and paint job that matches the Balloon Dog in the entry-way of her Shunyi Villa.

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