Happy Thanksgiving from Lianfeng Hutong

This shot seemed appropriate for Thanksgiving, even though she doesn’t celebrate it. She was getting her clothing altered with Mr. Lu, near Luofusi walking street. No one can read her handwriting, so I can’t tell her name. She operates a billiards hall near Chongwenmen, South East of Tiananmen Square.

Boots worn with shorts came in force over the last two weeks in Beijing. Shorts are more popular with Beijing girls in fall and winter than in summer. I need to do a study into how this look became so popular. It seems to have replaced jeans tucked into boots as the look for mainstream 20-30 women. This is yet another example of how looks which would be somewhat outlandish in the States become the norm in China. Obviously, the physique of Chinese girls is part of the reason, but there must be more…

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