Cute Leather Jackets From HK

I will never be a member of such a cute couple. You probably won’t either. More interestingly, it’s rare to see leather jackets done so well. They are one of the more easily screwed up items, in my opinion. Moms and former frat boys don bulky leather as a badge of cool, with the practical goal of being warm and tough concurrently. In Beijing, pleather with tassles, flowers, and sequins abound as do over-sized shiny and chunky black numbers.

This couple from Hong Kong wear great leather jackets to look adorable. The V-neck and collared shirt together with the hair and glasses are perfect on him. Chinese men get away with much more fashionable hairstyles than white guys, who look overdone with anything out of the ordinary. We weren’t doing very well communication-wise. She is an undergraduate at Qinghua and he is visiting. With him, I didn’t share any common tongue. Anyway, they are lovely.

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