Pair of Lovebirds – 恋爱中的一对儿


This pair of lovebirds view fashion as a way to express one’s own personality, and not as a representation of status. They say there are many good domestic fashion brands catering to women, but not so many for men. I asked them whether or not they were willing to wear second-hand clothing. The young lady said that she has not worn second hand clothing, but she has started to sell her own old clothes on Taobao. She explained: “Girls already have too much clothing. They tend to wear each piece only a few times.” Her boyfriend said that he would consider wearing second hand clothing.



They are students at the University of International Business and Economics. The young lady studies finance, while the young man does media. I think this 1.9 meter dude is quite handsome, but some of my Chinese readers might disagree with this perspective, because of that old cliche: “Chinese and Western standards of beauty are completely different.” As for the girl, she’s also attractive. She always wears this particular expression. I think it is a bit cute, very much like a glamorous Paris woman.

他们是外经贸大学的学生。女孩子学的是金融,男孩子他学的是传媒。我觉得这位身高190公分的男孩子长得很帅,但是我的一些中国读者可能会不同意我的观点 ,因为这种陈词滥调的看法 ——中国人和西方人的审美观不一样。 这个女孩子呢,也漂亮。她总喜欢这个表情,我觉得有点可爱,很像个有魅力的巴黎女士。

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