My Photos on – 我的照片在淘宝网

Some things are inevitable. Recently, I saw some photos from Stylites on’s “Men’s Channel”, but my consent was not given first, and no attribution was made. The title of the post is “Trendy Beijing Guys in the Eyes of a Foreigner [using mildly pejorative term]”. Also, many of these pics have appeared on and That’s Beijing, a local magazine for which I formally do freelance work. I can understand that Taobao’s Men’s Channel might be interested in my pictures. However, I would hope that they would at least mention the origin of the photos. I gave the editor an email discussing this issue, but, after several days, he has still not responded.

有的事情是不可避免的。最近我在淘宝网男人频道上看到我在Stylites上发表过的一些照片,但是这些转载既没有事先征求过我的许可,也没有注明照片的出处。资讯标题是“老外眼中的北京潮男”。还有,这些照片曾经在与我有正式合作关系的杂志That’s Beijing及其网站www.thebeijinger.com刊载过。淘宝网男人频道关注我的照片,这我个能理解。但是希望他们在这样做的时候,至少能够提到照片的出处。我给了他们的编辑发过email谈这个问题,但是已经好几天了,他们都没有给我任何回复。

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