For Poor Bums who can’t Afford a Real Panda

Wondering what on earth these creatures are? Originally dogs, they were displayed to the public by pet beauty salons recently in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.

It might not be incredible that in China pursuit of fashion could be transfered to pets in such an amusing way. When the UK’s Dailymail found these pictures they were startled and comments from readers connected this to China’s record for animal cruelty. How could one not mention that Chinese like eating dogs?


However, one person commented quite objectively, “It’s just dye for god’s sake, the animals are not hurt, it will probably wash off. … Also, if you’ve ever eaten an animal (any animal) then you have no right to abuse the Chinese for eating dogs. In India, cows are sacred. Over here they are burgers. In France they eat horses. Get over yourselves.” Still, this does make me feel sick rather than entertained. It is just for the sake of people’s entertaining themselves. Perhaps pets themselves do not feel that proud of their new stylish looks. They probably don’t care whether they look fashionable or not.


By Yu Wu (吴俣).

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