Interested in Media and Fashion?

Well, if you want to learn more about them in China and are a college student or recent graduate interested in an internship, let me know. This a great opportunity to learn about magazines, style and working in Beijing. Find out more below.

There are two types of internships that I can offer, for LifeStyle Magazine and Stylites.

LifeStyle Internship

We are the leading bilingual publication in China focusing on architecture, inner space, decor, luxury goods, travel, etc. We are distributed in all of the five-star hotels in China as well as golf courses, membership clubs, restaurants, etc. This is a great opportunity to learn about all of those subjects as they are covered by Chinese media.

Responsibilities of an editorial intern can include:

1. Helping to plan content and themes;
2. Formulating, researching, and writing original articles on architecture, art, hotel openings, etc.;
3. Editing English and, potentially, Chinese proofs;
4. Translating articles from Chinese into English or vice-versa.

Internships are unpaid.

Needed for Stylites is the following:

An additional photographer/profiler – essentially take photos and One of the main goals would be to bulk up the profile site. As I have a full-time job, help on this would be invaluable. Also, work on translating posts into Chinese. Also, find relevant news stories for posting on the site. For this there would be no compensation, beyond getting your name out as a writer and photographer ( has definitely helped me in this) through working for a fairly well-known site.

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