Ferarri Shoot for《中国汽车画报》

China Auto Pictorial had me find a few stylish people around Nanluoguxiang and take pictures of them with this Ferarri Enzo. Check out their August issue!

Unsurprisingly, I not only do not own a car, but also actively oppose the auto culture which so perverted the landscape of the United States and is now making life in Beijing more and more unbearable. My thoughts are similar to the editor who assisted me on this. Of course the issue is more complicated than just saying “I oppose cars”. I also thought it would be proper to acknowledge here China’s status as the world’s newest and potentially greatest Automobile Kingdom.

This hipster above is one who did not actually appear in the magazine. Below are the ones who did.

Ironically most of the people I shot professed to have little desire for this car and not much interest in cars in general – unlike many of their compatriots.

Amy was really in the perfect colors for this particular fast car.

This fellow owns a jewelry shop along Nanluoguxiang.

There was even a foreign girl willing to hold the car.

This young lady’s picture was also already here.

Some people really got into the whole thing. It was kind of odd in a way, but maybe Fiat will see this and decide to sponsor my website.

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