Lulu, near Surfin’ Bird

Guangdong native and ’60s band Trashmen fan Lulu opened fashion boutique Surfin’ Bird after returning from London, where she studied fashion.

Lulu是六十年代乐队trashmen的乐迷。完成在伦敦时装专业后,她回国开了一家时装店,Surfin’ Bird

Stocking several bleeding edge European labels only hipster fashion nerds know that are unavailable elsewhere in Beijing, the boutique is a melange of brightly striped socks, transparent captoes, oversized shades, and huggable leather stuffed animals with Vega Wang being the most notable local designer whose wares are on offer.

在北京恐怕只有在那里才能找到那些来自欧洲低调又前卫牌子,犀利到让人流血。店内充斥着各式各样的时尚元素:鲜亮的条纹袜,透明的横饰鞋,大墨镜,还有一些能满足你拥抱饥渴症的毛绒公仔。Vega Wang是其中最值得关注的本土设计师,在Surfin’ Bird可以买到她设计的器皿。

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