Renzo Rosso

There would have been a lot of people to photograph at Diesel’s giant Sanlitun Village North shop opening the other night, but unfortunately I forgot to recharge the battery in my camera. It was a busy day at the magazine and my mind wasn’t on Stylites.

I did get to meet Diesel’s founder and CEO, Renzo Rosso.


当晚我见到了Diesel的创始人兼CEO,Renzo Rosso

He is predictably bullish about China, citing 25% year-to-year revenue growth and plans for opening several new stores. Rosso, who still lives in his hometown of Breganze, Italy, also the headquarters of Diesel, is quite laid-back, though he says he feels much more comfortable in Shanghai than Beijing.

My friend Einar had on Diesel sneakers and he proudly reported to Rosso that he had been wearing them for nine years. Glancing at the beat-up but sturdy things, Rosso responded that Einar would be wearing a new pair if his company had done a better job on marketing. Perhaps the owner of Crockett and Jones or Gaziano and Girling would have offered a free resoling enabling them to be worn for another decade.


我的朋友Einar有一双Diesel的运动鞋,并且骄傲地告诉Rosso他已经穿了九年了。Rosso看了一眼破旧而意志力坚强的旧鞋,回答说如果Diesel市场宣传做得好,Einar早就换上一双新Diesel鞋了。也许Crockett and JonesGaziano and Girling能提供免费缝补,这双鞋还能再穿十年。

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