Seeking Miuccia找Miuccia

Jeffrey scanning the catwalk at the Prada show last night.


Here he has found one girl that doesn’t interest him very much.

These two are even less exciting for him.

Finally finding Ms. Prada, he seemed slightly more engaged. This was around 1 am, just before everything wrapped up. She had been in the VIP area with Gong Li and Maggie Cheung up till that point. Her first trip to Beijing was actually in the ’70s and she has returned regularly since then. The blue fur is from the collection that was just shown on the runway.

Jeffrey was making fun of these buses when we arrived, but it was quite a relief that they were out there when we left the party. Finding a cab at 1:30 am out at the Central Academy of Fine Arts would not have been fun. It was very considerate of Prada to provide these buses back to the center of the city. Any companies that do events that are a distance out of the city should provide this kind of service. This was almost as impressive for me as the presence of the Petshop Boys.

I was also impressed that the champagne, Mumm this time, was plentiful and endless.





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