Interview with Changzhou TV

Nels Frye was just interviewed by Wang Tian, host of Changzhou TV, after a visit with Mayor Yao, Changzhou’s internationally minded mayor. Here are some select quotes:

“Recently interesting are people’s spending habits abroad. It’s certainly a big opportunity for foreign companies, countries, and cities whether it means people buying in London, Paris, New York, or, of course, Hong Kong.”

“In the country, right now and throughout the next five years, we’re going to see the explosion of online retail in the luxury and other sectors. There’re a huge number of players in this field so perhaps it is crowded, but the prognosis are extremely positive.

“People shopping online especially in second, third, and forth tier cities are buying products that they can’t necessarily get in their home cities. They’re wanting a more interesting product mix than just what’s available to them and are turning to the online space.”

“I think another area that I find interesting is shopping with an emphasis on sustainability. We’re seeing an explosion of a variety of different types of second hand or vintage retail whether it’s online or brick and mortar shops in China. That’s something we need to watch.”

Text: Caroline

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