Threads for the Serpent Year

Photos: Eric

My dear friend photographer Eric Gregory Powell, famous for his work for Monocle, Wallpaper and other major publications, joined Jeffrey and I for some drinks at Jeffrey’s bachelor penthouse the other night. Jeffrey made some delicate gin cocktails including the Aviation and Last Word. It’s good to have a friend who always has Maraschino and Chartreuse on hand.

Eric decided to shoot a few images of Jeffrey in his Senli and Frye suits. The one above is in Shandong silk that works nicely as a separate, something that cannot be said for many suit coats. Jeffrey also has a suit like this in rust.

Here Jeffrey is sporting his trademark black cashmere turtleneck, frames from Cutler and Gross and another suit from Senli and Frye in 100% mohair from Dormeuil.


The fur is at least 30 souls.

And here, also from Senli and Frye, is the double-breasted suit in wool Solaro. This is a Italian classic combination of beige and light blue.


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