A Lavish Night

A Lavish Night P1050144

Last night, I headed with my little entourage to “Metamorphosis”, Montblanc’s launch of its double-faced new watch, at 798. This was a truly gigantic affair with performers and celebrities shipped in from all over the world, including, from the US, Brand Ambassador Nicolas Cage, whose face might have looked better less stretched and with more wrinkles, and the well-received Blue Man Group. There was even rumor that Lady Gaga would appear, but I suspect this is said at many outrageously gigantic parties like this.

昨天晚上的万宝龙“梦幻迭变”发布会真是个巨大的活动。万宝龙请了好多外国的明星和表演者。品牌代言人尼古拉斯凯奇来了。有好多人说过Lady Gaga也要来,但果然没有。

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There was a preponderance of scantly clad male performers at this event. There were also women in slight garb on the stage but the number of thick muscled men performing was notable and confirmed that the days of women being the only sexualized objects on display are long behind us, even in China.

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I was a little bit surprised that Montblanc brought such risqué acts for an audience that included many government officials since I never considered them to be a particularly edgy brand.

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