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A Model Agent Benny Modelling Agent1

Ben is a model agent in Shanghai. He often came to Beijing looking for models. I asked him a few questions.

NF: Do you think opportunities for foreign models in China will increase or decrease?


NF: 你觉得以后外国模特的机会在中国会比现在多还是少?

NF: Do you think opportunities for foreign models in China will increase or decrease?
B: Increase! After all, more and more international brands are entering and many of them will will be using foreign models.
NF: Is there any foreign country’s models that you particularly enjoying working with?
B: No country, but generally European models are easy to work with.
NF: In selecting a model, which criteria are most important?
B: The feeling comes first, but then we look at physical properties like height, measurements, proportions etc.
NF: Which Chinese brand or designer do you think would be most popular in Western countries?
B: I have always liked Qi Gang’s work, he is great at combining Chinese elements with international fashion trends. Just one sentence: very international flavor, ahhh.
NF: Are there differences in the way Beijing and Shanghai dress?
B: I think Shanghai girls dress more boldly. One of my girl friends wears super short skirts every day. The boys look pretty much the same everywhere.
NF: What do you think are some big trends this year? Which do you like and not like?
B: Baggy pants are definitely a trend – both men and women. I think blue and purple are big this year.
NF: Where do you like to go in Beijing?
B: Houhai, Houhai, Houhai – especially at night and a bit of light rain is best.

B: 多!毕竟现在越来越多的国际品牌进入中国,据我所知,

NF: 你最喜欢跟哪个国家的模特合作?B:没有特别的国家,但是总的来说,欧洲的模特会比较好合作。
NF: 选择模特,哪几个标准最重要?
B:第一感觉吧,其次就要看他们的身体条件,例如:身高,三围,比例 etc.
NF: 中国的设计师和品牌里面,你觉的哪些会在西方国家最受欢迎?
NF: 北京和上海,两个地方的穿着有哪些差异?
B:我觉得上海的女生,穿得更大胆。我有女朋友就是天天穿超级短的裙子的。 男生嘛 我觉得都差不多咯
NF: 今年你觉得有哪些比较明显的潮流/趋势?有你特喜欢趋势的吗?特不喜欢的吗?
B:今年的跨裤绝对是一大趋势,不管是男女,都会为了跨裤而疯狂。 颜色上,我觉得蓝色 和 紫色 会大火。
NF: 你在北京最喜欢哪几个商店,餐厅,宾馆,酒吧,等等?
B:后海 后海 后海 (特别是晚上,最好还下点小雨)

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