A Native Beijinger Designing Menswear

A Native Beijinger Designing Menswear Zhang Chi        Beijing Fashion Designer1

Born in Beijing’s Xicheng district, Zhang Chi is not afraid to be noticed. He went to Europe in his teens to study fashion design and is now back in Beijing with a studio in Jianwai and a menswear brand. I recently chatted with him.


NF: Why did you go into fashion design?
ZC: I was a clothes horse since I was little, so it was a natural progression.
NF: What are some of the most notable characteristics of your designs?
ZC: I try to avoid repeating the same elements and try to introduce something new with every season. Some salient parts of my design are Goth, ornate decoration, and unexpected twists in the cut.
NF: Who is your favorite fashion designer? Which fabric?
ZC: My favorite designer is Antonio Berardi. I most like rare skins and crystal.
NF: Any thoughts on how people dress here in Beijing?
ZC: Beijing people are into trends, but do not know much about quality. Of course I am talking about most people. There are also very fashionable people around with good taste.
NF: Where does your inspiration come from?
ZC: All the details I see around give me inspiration: people, the places, and things I see.
NF: What sort of job do the men who wear your clothes do?
ZC: Men who wear my clothes are frequently seen. The go out a lot.
NF: Well, if someone wants to get your clothes, where do they go?
ZC: Come to my studio in Soho or go directly to my site
NF: Where do you hang-out?
ZC: I like Kokomo bar in Sanlitun. It feels like you are nearby the beach.

ZC: 从小就喜欢穿衣服,所以自然而然的就选择了这个行业.
ZC: 扭曲错位是我的设计的一大特征,哥特式的风格和华丽气质的服装是我比较擅长的,每一季都有不同的元素出现,我尽量避免重复使用一种元素
ZC: 最喜欢的设计师是Antonio Berardi ,各种特殊的皮革和水晶是我的最爱
NF: 你对北京的穿着有什么想法?
ZC: 北京潮流但不高级,一般不重品质,我说的是大多数,也有很有品位的时髦人士.
NF: 你的灵感从哪里来? 艺术?风景?周围的人?
ZC: 我的灵感来自生活中的细节,比如接触到的人,去过的地方,看到的事物都能带给我灵感
NF: 什么工作的男人穿你设计的服装?
ZC: 需要抛头露面的男人穿我设计的衣服
NF: 那么现在如果人们想买你的服装应该去哪里呢?
ZC: 国贸,建外soho,或者网站上直接订购
NF: 你在北京最喜欢哪几个商店,餐厅,酒吧,画廊,等等?
ZC: 最喜欢三里屯的kokomo酒吧,那种海滨的感觉是我所向往的.

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