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One problem with the LV handbag – as ubiquitous a part of the Chinese urban landscape as Sichuan Restaurants and taxicabs – is how it overshadows the rest of any outfit. Attention is drawn immediately to the handbag rather than to anything else the person is doing fashion-wise. Of course that is the goal. The person wants to be able to announce every time they use the bag – even when it is paired with clothes of some lesser brand – that they are in the elite.

Well, we all know that yelling “I am rich” is not the behavior of people secure in their economic or social standing. There must be more understated ways of showing one’s status and more tasteful ways of sporting the LV print.

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I find the notion of LV print trousers very convincing. The picture is not good, as it was already dark, but note the difference in direction of the print on the two legs – a creative touch.

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