Arrival in Paris with Li Xiaofeng

Artist Li Xiaofeng, his wife, and I arrived in Paris last night and were escorted to sumptuous, compact, famously pretentious Hôtel Costes, my home for the next week.

艺术家李晓峰及其妻子还有我三个人在昨天晚上到了巴黎,被送到豪华简洁的以自命不凡闻名的Hôtel Costes,它是我们下一周的家。

Arrival in Paris with Li Xiaofeng Li Xiaofeng Lacoste Collectors Series 20101

The 2010 Lacoste Collector’s Series is created by Li Xiaofeng. He wanted his favorite bracelet to be photographed alongside the invitation to the release event, which is this Friday in Paris.

Li Xiaofeng is both the first Chinese and the first fine artist to collaborate with Lacoste on this series, now heading into its fifth year.

While the shirts will inevitably reference his porcelain shard sculptures, the specific way in which this is accomplished on cloth remains arrived in Paris last night and were escorted to sumptuous, compact, famously to be seen.

His work should be familiar to anyone who has visited Beijing’s most frequented Boutique Hotel, the Opposite House, since two of his sculptures are displayed in the front of the lobby.

My post on Li Xiaofeng for the Benetton It’s My Time blog tells a bit of the background and this site has more photos of his work. The Red Gate Gallery site has an earlier bio of Li.

Three of the four previous designers for the Collector’s Series’ are from a furniture and product design background. Here are links to their work for Lacoste:

2009: The Campana Brothers, Brazil’s leading furniture designers went to nearby jungles and favelas to create their polos. See some pics from the Stylites photoshoot using them here.
2008: R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe contributed a polo that featured a photo he had taken from the stage of the audience at one of his concerts.
2007: Michael Young, a British but Hong Kong-based furniture, product, and high-tech designer, designed plastic polo.
2006: British lighting and furniture designer Tom Dixon created the first series that included an indigo dyed eco polo and a lurex/cotton blend techno polo.

任何频繁出入北京的精品酒店瑜舍(the Opposite House)的人对李晓峰的作品都不会感到陌生,那里展出着他的两个雕塑。
我为Benetton It’s My Time博客写的一篇关于晓峰的文章有一些对他的介绍,这里也有更多他作品的照片。红门画廊网站上也有一个更早的对他的介绍。

2009:Campana Brothers是来自巴西的顶尖的家具设计师,他们去了附近的丛林和贫民窟为他们设计的马球衫寻找灵感。这里是Stylites以他们设计出来的T恤为主题拍的相关照片。
2008:为R.E.M.操刀的Michael Stipe设计的衫上印着一张他从自己的一次演唱会上照的观众席的照片。
2007:来自英国但是主要活跃于香港的家具,产品,和高科技商品的设计师Michael Young,设计了件塑料衫。
2006:来自英国的灯具家具设计师Tom Dixon负责了第一个系列。他设计了由靛青染料染制的环保马球衫还有卢勒克斯金银丝和棉混合制成的富有高科技含量的马球衫。

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