At Bread & Butter

At Bread & Butter models 2 web1
Photos&Text: Suzy

At Bread & Butter ding pei tong wev

The official dresscode at the Bread and Butter fashion presentation held at Qianmen 23 this Friday was purple. The inofficial one, however, could have been “extraordinary neckpieces”. Above, fashion designer Ding Pei Tong wore both a little hint of purple and a neckpiece, a casio watch, great pants (that you unfortunately cannot see very much of in the picture) and a hat!

At Bread & Butter sasha hsieh web1

Lovely Vincci Yang wore a black Bread & Butter number and paired it with a multistrand necklace. The show had started at dawn and ended in a sudden rainfall that forced everyone to gather inside beautiful Maison Boulud.

At Bread & Butter vincci yang web1

Sasha’s neckpiece is composed of a strand of fabric, a pile of rings and supersized pearls. I wonder how to wear it other than with her one-shoulder dress.

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