A Standard Experience

A Standard Experience Benetton Standard Hotel New York 11

The time in NYC passed like a dream. Above is my room in the Standard seen from the tracks below. It is the room with the curtain open – I am something of an exhibitionist. Benetton picked the trendiest hotel in the hippest part of town for its “It’s My Time” shooting. “Props” – as they say – to them for their good choice.

A Standard Experience Benetton Standard Hotel New York 2

Here is the view from my window. One doesn’t expect such wide expanses of New York to be visible from the forth floor. My stay was brief but efficient. Every night, I made sure to have two bottles of champagne crammed into the mini bar (actually the second night I had to switch to Cava to economize) and all of the events were well within walking distance of the hotel. For some reason, the whole experience made me feel like John Self, the anti-hero of Martin Amis’ novel Money. It was less what I was doing than what I was feeling.

Once the shooting was over, my main mission was to purchase a LV monogram wallet to bring back to my boss in China. This task I accomplished with extreme panache – I even resisted suggesting that he buy something logo-free.

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