At the Flea Market

At the Flea Market flea 2 web1

Actress, Weibo celebrity and “it” girl Tian Yuan organized a flea market at which vendors sold both used and new clothes, accessories and other knick-knacks. The sellers and wares seemed similar to what one finds on taobao, but the event was quite special, generating a good deal of enthusiasm for all things vintage. Profits went to charity.

At the Flea Market jin na web1

Layering in Beijing’s summer? It sounds a little strange but works wonderfully on Jin Na, an accountant from Beijing who even assorts her fan to her outfit.

At the Flea Market sophie wang web1

Instead of spending hours in the morning in the hope of assembling a fashionable outfit only to find oneself decomposed and sweaty in the afternoon, opting for a black dress is always a good choice. We admire how simply yet elegantly beautiful Beijinger Sophie Wang accessorized hers with just a splash of colour.

At the Flea Market miao web1

Here is Miao Wang of Acupuncture Records, which is reopening mega-club Lantern in a new venue next Friday.

At the Flea Market sun web11

From Beijing, Sun works in architecture.

At the Flea Market ysabella web11

Ysabella studies textile design in Chelsea, London.

At the Flea Market flea 3 web1

It was extremely hot under the tent.

At the Flea Market flea 1 web1

It was a very high-energy affair.



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