Explorer of the Third World第三世界的探险家

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Photo: Penn

Seen before in a different pair of floral tights, Even is adored by both the hipster boys of Beijing and fashion magazines looking for a model that represents hip youth in China today. I chatted with her for a few minutes about her travels and other things.

<!--:en-->Explorer of the Third World<!--:--><!--:zh-->第三世界的探险家<!--:--> 1 22
图: Penn


NF: Where do you a shop?
EZ: Gulou and Zhangzizhong Streets, also Taobao.
NF: Which magazines do you read?
EZ: The Outlook MagazineGQ, Marie Claire
NF: Which foreign bands do you like?
EZ: The Chemical Brothers, Radiohead, and many others.
NF: Which countries have you visited?
EZ: South Africa, India, Egypt and Nepal.
NF: Why not the US or Europe?
EZ: I’m not interested in the first world. I’ve already seen all the photos that family members took there.
NF: What do you think about the Third-World countries you visited?
EZ: The countries are nice – just very undeveloped. They are good to visit but it would be impossible to live there. India is not very developed and there is no city planning. They are also dirty. Egypt is slightly better. The advantage of such places is the slow pace and lack of pressure.
NF: What about Beijing?
EZ: Beijing has everything. It’s just a bit too big and there is too much traffic. It can be inconvenient to get around.

NF: 哪里购物?
EZ: 鼓楼,张自忠路,淘宝
EZ: 最喜欢的杂志:《新视线》《智族GQ》, 《嘉人》
NF: 听哪些外国的乐队?
EZ: The Chemical Brothers, Radiohead, 还有很多。
NF: 去过哪些国家?
EZ: 埃及,南非,印度,尼泊尔。
NF: 为什么没去过欧美的国家?
EZ: 我第一世界没兴趣因为我我已经看过家人拍的照片。
NF: 那你对你去的这些地方有什么想法?
EZ: 国家挺好,就是发展得不好。适合旅行,玩,但不适合住。那些国家发展得很慢-城市没有什么规划,也很脏。那边好的就是特别悠闲,压力少。
NF: 北京呢?
EZ: 北京什么都有,玩也很多。就是堵点大点-不方便。
NF: 你是潮人吗?
EZ: 比较低调。对衣服要求也低。其实我是窄人。

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