Bloggers at I.T博主在I.T

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Photos and Text:Suzy

At the I.T. event the other day, the Union Jack gentleman appears to be a blogger and he mentioned something about a Halloween costume.

<!--:en-->Bloggers at I.T<!--:--><!--:zh-->博主在I.T<!--:--> yoanna blogger full

Yoanna is a fashion blogger. Her top is by Zara, bag is from, and skirt was acquired on taobao.

<!--:en-->Bloggers at I.T<!--:--><!--:zh-->博主在I.T<!--:--> fashion is like a chewing gum

Blogger KidK was weiboing live from the event. His shirt is a collaboration between Wyman (Eason Chan’s song writer) and some company called Ground- Zero. Since the brands seen at the show will be much higher priced in China, he will continue shopping abroad.

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