Blue, not Lonely蓝色不代表寂寞

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Here with friend Xu Shanshan, young author Yuanyuan is most know for his book “I’m Happy to be Lonely” about an actress living in Beijing. I chatted with him recently.

<!--:en-->Blue, not Lonely<!--:--><!--:zh-->蓝色不代表寂寞<!--:--> IMG 64051


NF: Why is a young writer like you so into fashion?
YY: I think writing, art, and fashion are all serving beauty in different ways, but the result is similar. My writing aims to bring out life’s precious, lovely details.

NF: In China, are there any stylish cities outside Beijing and Shanghai?
YY: Aside from the developed cities you mentioned, I like Jinan (in Shandong), Zhuhai (Guangzhou). They aren’t developed that much or been tampered with so they can feel more natural and comfortable.

NF: Do you try to express anything about yourself through your style of dress?
YY: I do have my own sense of “aesthetics,” but I mostly dress to make myself happy.

NF: Do you have any style advice for Beijing men?
YY: Wear simple and comfortable clothes that make you seem relaxed. Wear white shirts.

NF: Which circle of people dress best in Beijing?
YY: No groups dress well, just individuals.

NF: Any hotels, restaurants, bars, or galleries to recommend?
YY: The second floor of Yugong Yishan and Shota Muni Sushi and Grill at Solana

<!--:en-->Blue, not Lonely<!--:--><!--:zh-->蓝色不代表寂寞<!--:--> IMG 6411

<!--:en-->Blue, not Lonely<!--:--><!--:zh-->蓝色不代表寂寞<!--:--> IMG 6411

这个本来很传统皮鞋加入了个很前卫的元素。这种鞋现在在北京超级流行。可以在Surfin Bird买。

NF: 作为一个年轻作家你为什么觉得时尚有意思?


NF: 除了北京和上海以外,中国哪些城市比较时尚?


NF: 你希望从你的穿着代表什么观点,兴趣,或者你个性的特点?


NF: 你有什么穿方面的建议想给北京男人?

YY: 穿简单和舒服的衣服,让自己看起来自如。穿白衬衫。

NF: 北京那个圈子穿的最好看?

YY: 没有圈子的,孤独的人最好看。

NF: 你最喜欢哪几个外国的书?


NF: 你在北京最喜欢哪几个酒店,餐厅,酒吧,画廊,等等?


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