Brainwaves Defining Color

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DF photography Ltd., Model: Felzing Nadya
In a notable  example of tech meeting fashion, Hong Kong designer Markus Fung Qihao has developed a garment that projects human emotions onto the wearer’s body as colors through the use of 3D printing and BCI technology. By utilizing an EEG device, the wearer can digitalize brainwaves into different signals and converts them into an array of colors simultaneously as the wearer shifts through different environments.

Through this work, Fung suggests that 3d printing technology can create possibilities far beyond what traditional materials offer, in this case the ability to form interesting shapes that normally fabrics cannot achieve.  The technology is a collaboration between Fung and a Chinese technology company.

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Garment converts emotions into an array of colors through the use of BCI technology.

Consequently, Fung integrates varies elements from different industries into fashion design, seeking to be one of the pioneers in the east to revolutionize the industry alongside with countries like Europe and North America. He predicts that in the next decade or so we will see more and more breakthroughs worldwide. Fung hope those changes will bring contributions, surprises and excitements not only to the industry but also to the human society in years to come.

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