Cap Toes and Socks

Cap Toes and Socks IMG 525211

Here again is Ro from the sweetest designer pair in Beijing.

Cap Toes and Socks IMG 52582

These cap toes are from this taobao shop.

Ro is quite on trend. According to my friend stylist and makeup artist MeiLi Autumn:

“You know the hawkers outside Yashow that constantly try to sell you socks? Well their time has finally come as socks in all colors, patterns and textures are going to make a big debut this Fall. Take the sparkly ankle socks that Dior used in their last runway show as inspiration. Another way to re-use your summer sandles is to pair them with a gray or nuetral sheer calf-length sock- function meets fashion. Use socks to add a punch of color to an outfit, but don’t pay more than 10rmb for them if you get them at YaShow!”

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