Cuddly Korean – 令人想拥抱的韩国人

cuddly-korean  Cuddly Korean - 令人想拥抱的韩国人 cuddly korean1

Don’t you just want to hug him? Or feel the fabric of his scarf or the blazer? He definitely understands how to wear this Prince of Wales check blazer as casual wear. This Korean tourist speaks no English and little Chinese, but he probably knows that Italy and England produce the finest wools.

难道你不想拥抱他吗?或者可以摸一下他的围巾或者西服的面料?他绝对了解怎么把这件“Prince of Wales”格子西服穿出休闲的感觉。这位韩国的游客不会讲英文,只会讲一点点中文,但他知道意大利和英国是生产最好的羊毛面料的国家。

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