Fashion Historian on Gulou

Fashion Historian on Gulou Tang Dynasty Fashion Expert1

Buyun says that morning she just threw on her few remaining clean clothes, so it was a bit of a shock to be included in a style blog. Born in Fujian, she has lived in NYC since the age of three, growing up on Roosevelt Island of all places. This little strip in the East River was originally intended as a kind of utopian community where all the classes would mix freely, but the end result was somewhat dystopian. Apparently, the youth of Roosevelt Island get pregnant earlier, use illegal substance in greater quantities, and generally become life-long hooligans if they don’t escape to Manhattan. Buyun made it to the larger island and is now getting her PHD at a famous school there. Her focus is Chinese fashion history, particularly the Tang. We might include some her findings on Stylites in the future.

陈步云在福建出生,纽约的羅斯福島长大。她在纽约读博士生,现在来了北京做研究。她写的论文关于服装历史,尤其唐朝。她说“自己没有一个特定的穿衣风格,但我一般会把经典的单品和古董衣混搭起来,再配上 结构化的外套或配师。” 她平时喜欢在北京的鼓楼和纽约的 Nolita逛街。

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