Gigi Hadid for President

“Gigi Hadid for President” will, with luck, be plastered across the land not long after the larger-than-life model and super influencer turns 35. Sadly the arabesque beauty (22) is too young run in 2020 against Trump, a figure not altogether dissimilar to herself. Not showing up to her own party at the Victoria’s Event in Shanghai is sexy. I’m with her. There’s more here, but she was denied a visa, seemingly due to some good old-fashioned squinty eyes stuff. A singer named Kate Perry also wasn’t allowed in due to some unfortunate antics in Taiwan.

The photo below is delightful. What an inclusive message! Zoroastrians are left out as usual and are Mormons really Christians? They should have been mentioned, but I like the joy-filled, instagram-worthy smile.

Gigi Hadid for President Gigi Hadid for President WechatIMG709

I’ve enjoyed all the controversy around the Victoria’s Secret thing here in Shanghai (Bloomberg has more). It could have been just a slightly tacky commercial event for mass consumption from a tired brand hawking unmemorable lingerie in a market where the size of need is obviously questionable. Princess Gigi made it something I care about. One has to appreciate her blend of hypocrisy and unearned status, though I’m not sure this is the type of hereditary elite I was hoping would define our new era of yawning inequality.

She’s not just another pretty face who made it through boring old good looks and hard work, but rather this icon of our times is famous for being related to people who are famous for being famous. We should be yelling “Gigi Hadid for President!” at the next rally. As for Victoria’s Secret, serious minds will finally notice it – this wasn’t just another party with free champagne and an unmemorable fashion show. It’s appropriate that a brand bringing decadent, overly sexualized, products within reach for the varletry would be helping Western civilization go out with a splash. It’s almost as if they have the same PR Director in Asia as Trump and it’s a coordinated strategy.

I wasn’t invited to the party, but at least I can claim to have been in the same city at this seminal moment. I was probably having a slightly botched cocktail at the time and maybe even thinking vacuous thoughts to match the tenor of the botched event itself. Actually turning up tends to cloud objectivity and, from my laptop, I can see the real takeaway is “Gigi Hadid for President”!

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