Hats at I.T. Gallery

w12  Hats at I.T. Gallery w121

Comme des Garçons had a photography exhibit at the I.T. Gallery. There were numerous fashionistas whose photos I could have taken, but my flash was being uncooperative again and there was also much distracting champagne. Edie Bao is a reporter for Milk Magazine, and she did name herself after the beauty of Warhol’s Factory. Like all the other galleries at 798, I.T. is in a former factory. Was Warhol’s Factory ever a real factory or was it just a large studio?

Hats at I.T. Gallery aug 162

Rather appropriately, Charley Kan, National Creative Director and Managing Director for MEC China, is wearing a Comme des Garçons hat. He is in charge of a fashion PR company that is going to be especially busy in the run-up to the Olympics.

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