HK Yogurt Bearer

typical-hk-girls  HK Yogurt Bearer typical hk girls1

Some visiting HK girls walking down Nanluoguxiang. My eye was actually caught by the yogurt bottle in the hand of one. This sweetened yogurt, in a reusable bottle, sells at every street corner here in Beijing. I try to drink this rather than other sweetened beverages, because it saves packaging. This yogurt costs about one US quarter and has been on offer here for over a decade. Consumption of yogurt and other dairy products in China has skyrocketed, with support from government, because many experts have pointed to the advantages of consuming calcium. The amount of sweetened yogurt selling in grocery stores is astounding, though non-sweetened plain yogurt is impossible to find outside of stores catering to foreigners. Chinese find the flavor of our Middle Eastern yogurt to be too sour.

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