Hot Pink Cremant de Loire Rosé

shengxia12 Hot Pink Cremant de Loire Rosé Hot Pink Cremant de Loire Rosé shengxia12

Popping open a bottle of Cremant always suggests some level of assurance with oneself. Outside of France, it’s almost exclusively for insiders, those who know one méthode from another. The point of the bubbles is pure pleasure rather than displaying the brandname of a member of some global luxury corporation. That said, a magnum of Hot Pink Cremant de Loire Rosé from Domaine de Salvert will garner admiring glances. This flowery wine rests on the base of classics Chenin and Grolleau Gris, but also relies on the Cabernet Franc grape, which is extracted after a short maceration of the skins to produce a delicate rosy shade.  I think we will be ordering a few cases for our baby shower and this is a no-brainer for Valentine’s Day.


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