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Nick Sheffield has been here for a year and a half. Half German, half British, he is an Ibanker. I asked him a few questions about life and style in Beijing.


NF: What Chinese items or style elements do you think are easiest to incorporate into a modern man’s (or women’s) wardrobe?
NS: The collar: Immediately recognisable, acceptably formal, irresistibly functional and incorrigibly ‘uncategorisable’. Its increasing prevalence in all social settings in the West is testament to that.
NF: What items from Beijing do you give to family and friends back home?
NS: I stick to the traditional: designing names for them and engraving them onto chops. As clichéd as it may be, it shows you have thought about them individually.
NF: Who do you think is the most beautiful Chinese woman in the public eye?
NS: Zhao Wei (赵薇): the roles she plays and the image she projects. She so perfectly embodies what it means to be a modern yet still traditional Chinese woman, without this being in any way contradictory. She is unashamedly beautiful.
NF: Do you like the styles you see on Chinese women? Are they improving? What would you like to see them wear more of?
NS: I love the 1930s Shanghai Divas style – elegant, graceful and chic. The qipao is so versatile, it would be great to see it come back with a modern twist.
NF: What do you wish you could find here?
NS: True love! Haha. I try not to think of what I can get from China, but what me being here can achieve for both sides. Though as long as I am happy and healthy, and everyone around me too, who cares?
NF: Do you have any style advise for other investment bankers or businesspeople?
NS: I was in the City (London) before China. Investment bankers there are very traditional when it comes to style. The beauty of China is that business style is fluid – go with what suits you regardless of societal preconceptions. Wear brown shoes!

If you would like to reach Nick, please email him at: NickSheffield(at)hotmail(dot)com.

NF: 中式服装最有吸引力的是什么东西?什么最容易跟西方的衣服搭配?
NS: 领子-很正式,很实用,非常的新鲜。中式领子在西方越来越多就证明了它的价值。
NF: 你在北京会给家人和朋友买什么样的礼物?
NS: 我一般觉得最传统的好。我让师傅给他们设计个中文名字然后做个印章。
NF: 你觉得中国最漂亮的女明星是哪个?
NS: 赵薇:她演的角色,她给人的感觉。. 她又很现代又很传统-但让大家感觉也没什么矛盾的。她也不怕长的漂亮。.
NF: 你喜欢中国女孩穿的风格?在进步吗? 你希望中国女孩会穿更多什么样的衣服?
NS: 我喜欢30年代上海Diva的风格:哟呀,chic,有气质。我觉得旗袍是个很经典的服装,希望会有更多改良的旗袍。
NF: 有没有什么你想要的东西在这里还没找到?
NS: 真正的爱情!呵呵。我一般不会考虑我在这里能拿到什么而会想我在中国能找到哪些双赢的办法。最重要是我和周围的人健康,开心。别的也无所谓。
NF: 有没有你想给商人或者金融界的人关于时尚的建议?
NS: 以前我在伦敦的金融街。那边的投资样工作的人穿得很传统。在中国没有那么多规定。你不需要那么在意别人的要求。穿棕色的皮鞋吧!NF:在伦敦的金融街只允许你穿黑色的。

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