Ilaria’s DesignerIlaria的设计师

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Antonio Bandini is the designer for Ilaria. He used to work under Valentino. His coat is from Prada, though I think he fastened the bow-tie on the lapel. Currently there are no plans for an Ilaria menswear collection though China might be a better place if there were. There isn’t really a local brand for boys that is stylish – but not painfully avant-garde like the work of most young designers – in high-quality fabrics and simple cuts.

Despite the name, the brand Ilaria is based in China and founded by a Chinese woman, though the designer is Mr. Bandini, an Italian. Here are pics of the looks that were on show. “>Here are pics of the looks that were on show. The founder of the brand Ms. Ilaria He formerly lived in Italy.

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