One Night in Beijing

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I had met these two lovely stylish folk at D-22 the weekend before and was thrilled to see them at the launch, called “One Night in Beijing”, the other night for the Insider’s Guide to Beijing. Jessalu is an Australian horticultural expert and psychologist with a focus on Chinese herbal homeopathy and its applications in modern psychiatric remedies. She is researching Chinese natural cures for anxiety and dementia, which means frequent trips to Yunnan. Her background is even more interesting than her career. Her mother is a member of Sikkim’s deposed royal family and her father is a tungsten baron who supposedly owns half of Western Australia.
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Zheng Chenggong is from Hong Kong, obviously. Also obvious is that he does design. What may not be quite so obvious is what he designs, which is military vessels and yachts. He has designed a new one-man submarine that is as small as an SUV and can infiltrate the hulls of US air craft carriers, gradually taking control of the computer systems. Eventually the operations of the entire aircraft carrier are controlled by the little vessel lodged in the hull. Needless to say, this product has attracted quite a bit of interest from various nefarious and anti-American groups and countries. I suspect his presence in China is somehow linked to the submarine idea. He is just a designer, not an engineer, and the craft is still just a concept. We might not have anything to worry about.

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