Colors of Intro

Colors of Intro pink

Here is my last batch of photos from Intro.

For me, this is retro. It reminds me of the the sort of image one might have seen three years ago on the cover of a report by some hip consultancy on consumption patterns in trends of youth in China. I guess it is the short, dyed hair that does it, plus the slightly inscrutable confidence.

Colors of Intro RIMG11241

It was a colorful festival…

Colors of Intro RIMG11551

…from all angles.

Colors of Intro RIMG11461

She stands in front of one of the silos of a former factory at 798.

Colors of Intro back

One thing that appears more at Intro, an electronic music festival, than the other more pop, rock, or folk oriented festivals is skin. This is partially because the dates are late may – already a hot time in Beijing – and because of the nature of the music and the crowd that likes it. The outfits tended to be more risque, subtly as in the above, or more obviously as with the countless butt-cheek and cleavage revealing getups I witnessed.

Colors of Intro the bride


A couple even tied the knot at Intro this time.

Colors of Intro DSC2346 21

Another display of the American Flag on Jeff, a frequent presence on Stylites.

Colors of Intro RIMG11201

What an interesting way to sell knick-knacks!



Colors of Intro RIMG11302

The sun was shining especially hot that day.

Colors of Intro RIMG11261

A rather hot day for hats!

Colors of Intro RIMG115211

She was actually a seller of these pants, of which I think she is also the designer.

Colors of Intro knit

There wasn’t very much in the way of spirits available, but there was orange juice.

Colors of Intro RIMG11101

Not sure of her role at the festival.


Colors of Intro japanese pattern

But these were partiers from Japan.

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