Jean Pierre Braganza at Nanluoguxiang

_-2211  Jean Pierre Braganza at Nanluoguxiang 22111

Jean Pierre Braganza is a London designer whose fashion creations are sold throughout the world and soon in Beijing. In Beijing to teach local designers to inject sophistication and cool into their brands, he was strolling down Nanluoguxiang, enjoying the street festival and drinks at Salud.

Jean Pierre describes 27 as the best age. A man finally has some experience but is not yet overburdened with the worries and responsibilities of life. The possibilities can still be endless, but can be explored armed with a bit of wisdom and experience. In the early and mid twenties, a man is a boy, naïve and ignorant in the ways of the world. At 28 and 29, he frets about the impending thirties with the first sappings of physical strength, the restrictions on freedom imposed by society, career and a young family, and growing distance from dreams as well as old friends. In the late twenties, the pressures of a girlfriend to marry or a young wife to produce children become louder and louder. Jean Pierre has succumbed to both of these pressures, but he still enjoys nights out with friends, as long as they don’t involve surprise encounters with Karl Lagerfeld and the inevitable catfights.

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