Jeffrey Ying Takes Nanluoguxiang

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Jeffrey Ying is a chic cat in Beijing’s pleb jungle…

When I need a job done properly, I rely on the services of young but talented Shanghaiese Jeffrey Ying (应捷), who is already quite famous in the online sartorialism community.  His base of operations for at least the next month is right here in Beijing, the Northern Capital, to which his eye-catching style and unique pursuits bring a great deal of drama. Jeffrey Ying’s main residences are in Shanghai’s French Concession, San Francisco, and right overlooking the Bosphorus in a city that he still insists on calling Constantinople. Here he wears a 1960s Kipper Tie and spectators from Moreschi that he describes as “bi-curious”.  Jeffrey himself tends to stay mum on such subjects, frequently responding to questions with the answer “you may think as much, but I could not possibly comment”.

Will his activities turn Beijing upside down this summer? But of course…A full profile will follow on these pages.  I can’t imagine that you won’t be hearing far more about Jeffrey Ying as he stalks the streets of Beijing like an apparition that could not possibly belong.

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