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From Hong Kong, Cindy Ma now lives in Beijing with her family. Cindy and her two partners (also fashion designers) just opened a boutique, L-M-C, in the Lido area. The store carries selections of clothing, jewelry, and accessories for women from Asian, Canadian, Belgian, and British designers. Stylites’ Liang Cheng recently interviewed Cindy.

Cindy Ma 是来自香港,但现在住在北京与她的家人。Cindy和她的两个合伙人(也设计师)最近开了一家精品店叫“L-M-C”在丽都。这家店的选择有许多风格的服装,和进口首饰。与亚洲元素和融合的设计.

L: How did you get into fashion?

C: I graduated with a degree in graphic design but then went in the direction of fashion. I’ve always looked at fashion design as a way to express myself.

L: What is the concept behind L-M-C? I noticed there is an emphasis on re-usability.

C: L-M-C stands for the surnames of the owners. The concept behind our brand is Asian influences like Chinese sleeves and the mandarin collar, which doesn’t have to be worn only on special occasions but can be a fashionable everyday look. And to be functional, we have a scarf that can be turned into a shawl, or a blouse. We want to have flexibility in our designs so they can be reused and not outdated.

L: Do you think you think Beijing is the best city in China for your shop?

C: Yes, and we are looking to open another one in Sanlitun in the future. Since the Olympics, China has been the ultimate market. You can see that from all the big brands that are moving into Beijing these days.

L: Where do you see your self in five years?

C: Hopefully L-M-C will have chain stores and be featured in trade shows. We are also planning on launching three lines under the brand, Luxury, Mandarin, and Chic for a more diverse choice.


C:当平面设计毕业以 后,我想 了想,还 是想往服装方 向走。我一直对服装设计有兴趣。

L:什么是“L-M-C”的概念. 我看到这些服装的型 状有可以改变的,请你解释一下?

C:我们的品牌概念是亚洲风格. 像传统旗袍衣领,不只要穿在正式场合,但可以穿在日常。我们的设计带灵活性,所以有许多穿法, 而不会过时。

L:这是唯一的 L-M-C店在北京吗?而你为什么没选其他城市呢?

C:目前它在北京是唯一的店,我们正在寻找在三里屯开一个店。为什么我们选择北京是因为,我们诸感觉, 奥运会后中国发展的非常快,可以看到许多品牌都来北京发展。

L: 你认为在5年之内你的生意会有什么变化?

C:希望L-M-C有连锁店。我们的计划是在L-M-C内开三个不 同的系列, 会有更多选择。

Photo and Text by Liang Cheng

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