L!ve in Beijing

In Beijing for just over a month, this modelling couple – he is from Croatia and she is Canadian – were at the tennis club, wearing new items from Lacoste. On him is a polo from LACOSTE L!VE, the new youth-oriented collection that will be available in a couple months here in Beijing. This new range is more fashionable than previous Lacoste offerings, while remaining faithful to the crisp sportiness of the brand.

这对模特在北京不到两个月。他是克罗地亚人,她则来自加拿大来。他们身着LACOSTE L!VE新款。这个比以往Lacoste的设计更前卫的新系列很快即能在北京买到。

L!ve in Beijing P1050783

According to Lacoste, the above green polo and several other items in the collection take “inspiration from optical art, recalling the work of Victor Vas[a]rely or Daniel Buren with the coriander green ultra slim-fit polo with white striped concentric boxes radiating out around the crocodile logo or the navy blue crew-neck sweater with zig-zag white stripes. It’s New Wave, mathematical and very optical.” Here is more on this collection from freshnessmag.com.


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