Momo at LDDC

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By Suzy

Hopes are high for the upcoming spring, but it seems that cute sweaters like this one from emerging young designer Momo Wang‘s latest collection could work as transitional pieces too. Here is a preview of her 2012 collection The Third Hand that was created from upcycled second-hand clothing from markets in her hometown Jinzhou. The beautiful lookbook was shot by fellow photographer Liu Shuwei whose pictures were part of the recent NO MORE MONO exhibition in which Stylites had proudly participated.

Momo at LDDC Momo at LDDC shu

The lookbook was shot around Momo’s hometown in the mountain area of Liaoning province.

Momo at LDDC Momo at LDDC shu 3

Here is what the designer says about her collection: “The basic idea is to do what I can to refresh, renew, re-animate precious second-hand materials, and eventually deliver the beauty in them by my realization, and eventually have more and more people doing the same, or at least thinking similarly. A French philosopher once talked about third hand, Jacques Derrida. I like hands.”*

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