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More from Bulgari
Photo&Text: Suzy

I have always admired those who dress in real vintage almost from head to toe. Here, fashion designer Elysée Yang is in an Italian orginal she purchased last year.

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Photo&Text: Suzy

Mr. Li is not impressed by crazy fashions. The art and watch collector gives a perfect example of how to dress for an evening occasion in summer, without sweating it up in black tie.

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What a charming pair!

More from Bulgari IMG 18651
Photo: Greg

This Japanese get-up must be one of the most memorable looks of the night.


More from Bulgari IMG 18641
Photo: Greg

This is, I believe, the Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Elle.

More from Bulgari IMG 18361
Photo: Greg

Doris is a model from Kenya.

More from Bulgari P10300891

What a well-matched couple!

More from Bulgari P10300801

I like the bag.

More from Bulgari P10300741

This very Native-American influenced item was purchased online.

More from Bulgari IMG 183711
Photo: Greg

I think this must be a Marni dress.

More from Bulgari P10300491

Richard Lu is frequently described as the most fashionable man in Beijing. His latest kick is Tom Ford and he seems to have countless items from that designer. Lu is also the PR for several brands including Bottega Veneta.

More from Bulgari P1030050

His new shoes are from Christian Louboutin.

More from Bulgari IMG 1872
Photo: Greg

This appears to be a velvet top – seems a bit early.

More from Bulgari IMG 18711
Photo: Greg

A typical Beijing fashion party-going-girl.

More from Bulgari IMG 18671
Photo: Greg

And another.

More from Bulgari IMG 18731
Photo: Greg

Harvey is a former media executive based in Beijing and Istanbul. He goes out to a surprising number of parties.



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