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Some viewers were interested in seeing more of the Montblanc event, so I am posting additional photos.

Word on the street was that the total cost for the Montblanc event topped RMB 100 million or USD 15 million, which might be an exaggeration since the massive Fendi event at the Wall is supposed to have cost a mere USD 10 million. Germany’s Montblanc is big globally, but even bigger in China, which is already its number one market according to CEO Lutz Bethge.


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The point of the night, beyond serious marketing and a big party, was introducing the China market to Metamorphosis. In the course of the night, the invention of this new watch was mentioned along side that of the automobile and the internet.

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That said, the number of celebrities was quite astounding with everyone from Nicolas Cage to Li Bingbing to a whole horde of Korean actors who must be very famous.

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The event was in a vast chamber.

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The performances involved more than just men in bronze diapers.

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Nicholas Cage was very bronzed himself.

More Mont-Blanc                              Mr

Blue Man Group also made an appearance.

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For me, much more overwhelming than the celebrities were the visuals appearing on the giant screens around the room.

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There was a significant dose of significant Beijing landmarks in the visual content.
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Whether communist or imperial, the tone of the graphics was very Sinophilic.
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At the risk of seeming provincial, let me confess that this was the most overwhelming product launch events I have ever attended. It was one of the grandest parties I have been to and it was nice that we are able to talk our way into the VIP area, which had a better view, delectable hors d’œuvre, and countless cocktail options.

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