Why a Wuhao Pop-up?

tumblr_n5me9fIh6g1tul8k3o1_r1_500 Why a Wuhao Pop-up? Why a Wuhao Pop-up? tumblr n5me9fIh6g1tul8k3o1 r1 500

I have so many memories of Wuhao, from the first time Isabelle Pascal told me about her dream for a concept shop, to taking my mother there every time she visited Beijing, to the party I threw for The HUB just days before the end on Oct. 31 2013. On Banchang hutong, Wuhao was the premier concept shop in the city, once Wallpaper described as one of the top twenty reasons to visit China. It might have been the world’s most beautiful retail setting. In a garden owned by the family of the last Qing emperor’s wife, Wan Rong, this curated shop was tucked behind a barely marked door. Installations changed by the season with themes based on the traditional Chinese elements and drawing heavily on the Book of Changes. The focus was young Chinese and local fashion and furniture designers, many of whom produce special lines or items for Wuhao.
I ran into a young man, Nick, who I knew had been working with Wuhao at the Etro party in Beijing and, while chatting with over Franciacorta, hatched the idea of bringing Wuhao to the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing. General Manager Sanjiv Hulugalle was all for the idea and, unbelievably, a Wuhao pop-up store will open at the hotel on May 23 and stay for five days.  Keep checking back here for more information. – Nels Frye

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