The HUB Moves to Shanghai

The HUB edition 5 The HUB Moves to Shanghai The HUB Moves to Shanghai The HUB edition 5

If you’ve been in China for any significant amount of time, you should be sick of discussions comparing Beijing and Shanghai. And of course Hong Kong can also creep in. Which city is the best, most fun, most stylish, least fake, etc., etc.? I borrow the answer of my friend Charlie Ducane, who says “the ideal Chinese city runs like Hong Kong, is peopled by Beijingers, and looks like Shanghai.” Beijing has rockstars, artists, and their admirers. Shanghai has beautiful art deco buildings and tree-lined streets. Hong Kong is efficient.

When it comes to which one is the fashion capital, there’s also lively debate. My friend Tim Parent analyzes this question in this article for Business of Fashion. The HUB founders Peter Caplowe and Richard Hobbs, with quite a bit of input from me – I’ve been working with Asia’s leading fashion trade fair for nearly two years – have decided to put their bets with Shanghai now after four shows in Hong Kong.

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Interview: Chen Xing

Stylites contributor Crystal Xu caught up with Chen Xing, the designer of Bifu, now exhibiting at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing, to talk about making the transition from architecture to fashion, the experience of working with a luxury hotel and the impact of traditional culture on his work.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 9.48.17 AM Interview: Chen Xing Interview: Chen Xing Screen Shot 2015 07 06 at 9

Stylites: What inspired you to transition from architect to designer?

Chen: In China, architecture is all about money, politics, and power.  There are not many choices for architects.  I transferred to a different career to express myself.  I want to be creative and free.  When I was in Italy, I saw so many [foreign fashion] brands and that most of the costumers were Chinese.

China has so much culture I want to show it in my designs.

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“Made in China” Coverage

Quite a bit of coverage has come out on our Made in China shop-in-shop including from the LA TimesWWDJing DailyApparel News, Style by Asia, and Racked LA.  You can see a brief interview with me on CCTV as well.  Click on this link and go to 11:33.

Beijing-based blogger Lady Liaoliao got her post on the event syndicated by a wide range of meida: the Lady Liaoliao Wechat Platform, Sohu mobile, Zaker, 163, Phoenix Mobile, Haibao, Rayli, Sina, Weibo, and Wechat.  What we are waiting for is the youku coverage resulting from her visit.

WWD on Amrag Shop-in-Shop

18 WWD on Amrag Shop-in-Shop WWD on Amrag Shop-in-Shop 181

American Rag Cie founder Mark Werts and I were having dinner at Beijing’s Opposite House almost a year ago and we came up with the idea for a shop-in-shop that would transform a section of his giant fashion emporium on La Brea Avenue in Central Los Angeles.  The theme would be rising Chinese fashion designers who had never before been sold in the US.

12 WWD on Amrag Shop-in-Shop WWD on Amrag Shop-in-Shop 126

After a few trips across the Pacific, tricky international bank transfers, and some trade fairs like Showroom Shanghai and The HUB, the Chinese shop-in-shop is opening on May 14.  Media from across the US and from China will attend the event.  WWD has already done a piece that you can see here or by clicking more – there are more pictures as well.

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Initiating a PLATFORM

LaneCrawford EN Initiating a PLATFORM Initiating a PLATFORM LaneCrawford EN

Lane Crawford is calling out to creative designers and entrepreneurs to collaborate! Come and bring your portfolio of works to the open days listed below:

Hong Kong: Lane Crawford, One Island South home store and showroom, Wong Chuk Hang May 5, 2015  

Shanghai: Lane Crawford Square, May 7, 2015

To find out more about the details and criteria of Lane Crawford’s selection, visit Lane Crawford’s PLATFORM Initiative (English) or Lane Crawford’s PLATFORM Initiative (Chinese).

The site has gone through a nice re-design and I am now anticipating a fun re-launch party.  If you haven’t checked before, is a site that agglomerates all of the English language blogs that focus on China.  The creator, Timothy Parent, has been a star on this scene for quite a while and hats off to him for persevering in providing this resource.  It seems that in its new guise, there will be an additional focus on design and lifestyle resources, which reflects the current direction of the market.

Great to see my own profile there as well.

Welcoming Spring

IMG_1607 Welcoming Spring Welcoming Spring IMG 1607

An incredible installation from Ryan Carter. Here is the press release:

Spring is the season of new life, of seeds bursting open beneath the ground to grow into gorgeous flowers or delicious vegetables, of a fresh energy that heightens the senses and excites the heart. At Four Seasons Hotel Beijing guests will find the ultimate spring art installation that captures the essence of spring, specially timed to coincide with the equinox, when the Earth’s axis tips from one season to the next.

IMG_1626 Welcoming Spring Welcoming Spring IMG 1626

IMG_1632 Welcoming Spring Welcoming Spring IMG 1632

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The HUB: March 12 and 13

The HUB Hong Kong will have its forth edition on March 12 and 13. Register here.

Time: 11am to 7pm
Address: D2 Place, 9 Cheung Yee Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon. Hong Kong – it’s right by the D2 exit of at the Lai Chi Kok MTR station
Brands: Check here for a partial listing

The HUB blog also looks in-depth at some of the brands and multi-brand stores that will be attending.

Going Dutch

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.38.06 PM Going Dutch Going Dutch Screen Shot 2015 02 27 at 10

The split will go three ways between furniture, decor, and footwear.  Coming up on March three is a new pop up at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing.   Dutch shoe brand O’Quirey has teamed up with Ubi Gallery and Studio Henny van Nistelrooy to present a sampling of Dutch design today.  The opening event will be high profile with quite an impressive list of magazines attending – everything from Robb Report to Esquire – as well as TV stations CCTV and Phoenix.  Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, H.E. Mr. Aart Jacobi will also make an appearance.

The image that will probably stick in everybody’s mind is that of the series of specially commissioned paintings that put bold O’Quirey shoes into familiar works of Van Gogh.

Here is more in Chinese on their wechat platform and you can click more to see the press release.

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Erdos Prints

image1 Erdos Prints Erdos Prints image1

Erdos – usually quite a dowdy sort of label the one sees in those older luxury malls that appeal to an older, less sophisticated demographic and in second-tier cities –  has really changed its image quite a bit.  They have been using foreign designers and hypermodel Liu Wen as a brand face, so things are coming along quite a bit.  The prints for this Spring’s collection were especially compelling as you can see in these images.

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