Vietnamese Gent

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A dapper Vietnamese gent visiting Shanghai who picked up the shoes in Bangkok. They are from a local designer there and reflect that ongoing trend toward more and more effete footwear for the boys. I would love a pair.

Lace sweater



Fabulous mix and match style presented by 多多, Luxury Loafers, sporty meggins with jersey pleated shorts topped off with lace sweater. The minimal black/white colour palette give the ensemble a nice subdued touch.

Sweatshorts in Beijing

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OK, Sweat shorts are back, with early manifestations giving us rolled up, striped (navy style) types for a casual and slightly sporty look (paired with  nice S-Shirt (T-shirt, Sweatshirt, mash up). Or a more ethnic à la Visvim embroidered and be-tassled number nicely paired with relaxed vest ( which should be a key item this spring. Well done guys good effort!



Black is always a sure bet in fashion, yet black during spring is a double-entendre, wanting to stand out from the crowds of happy go color fashion cats. With the likes of Alexander Wang making a strong cultural impact on the fashion scene recently, the all-blacks have a role model and figure head taking the relay baton ( black of course) over from the declining Rick Owens ( who showed mainly pale greys in Paris). Go blacks go

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Yarn dyed two tone stripes T-shirts are pretty much a timeless classic and seems to make a bit of a comeback this spring on the streets of Beijing. Chosing classic colours combination such as navy/ white and red/white feels refreshing compared to the colour clashes of late. Variation in stripe structure adds a designer touch (as seen at COS and Topman for 14SS). But with the classic 8 mm stripe width and contrast collar you know what you get and can highlight your look with more forward accessories to pull in the crowds!




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Enjoy Museum of Arts for the Electric Horse Rave

Saturday Night out in 七九八 at the Enjoy Museum of Arts for the  Electric Horse  Rave. The main item which caught my eye was the cardigan worn either plain or with  jaquard, the shape is loose and comfortable in heavy gauge knit. The look was styled as a blend of home comfort with sporty touch expressed with sweat pants or snazzy running shoes. The over long or baggy cardigan Seems to be the perfect item for these warm days and cool nights, giving a comfortable touch as if one was still emerging from a long winter and clinging on their beloved blankets. Another highlight was the biker looks with vintage albeit sporty biker jackets and skinny denims. Finally, the snow parka so prevalent this past winter with its iconic fur collar and plain down padding is being transformed into a lighter spring version, shedding its lining and fur trimming transforming itself into  a more dust coat item.

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Spring Denim

Is denim trending right now or is it just that twilight between winter and spring time when one grabs whatever  remains from their spring 2013 Wrobe  and throws it on only to happy to strut the streets without a heavy down jacket? The Jury is still out…

Yet I always had a soft spot for denimheads, especially 80′s DB muscleman Marble wash jackets like Xiah is wearing with gusto… Or a cool Oxford blue shirt with real aged wash (the one that takes time to make from brand new rinse denim to worn out naturally).

The word is Denim, head to toes or nothing..

bring it on my dear Beijingers..

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