Cerrito Roses at Pawnstar

cerrito rose Cerrito Roses at Pawnstar 308907968

Wearing a Cerrito Rose ring is Zouzou, who sells fresh-water pearls – we offer them on Pawnstar as well. She lives in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, which is almost an exurb of Shanghai.  She is wearing a Cerrito ring.

cerrito rose Cerrito Roses at Pawnstar Cerrito Logo 1

Cerrito is a handmade jewelry brand founded by John Antonio Cerrito, an American who served as a pilot in World War II. Mr. Cerrito designed beautiful and timeless jewelry representing love and light. With his deep understanding of metal processing, he perfected his metal roses with a unique gold plating and polishing technique.

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Stylites x Pawnstar

stylites Stylites x Pawnstar 79985426 1

Stylites has documented Chinese street style, from the Beijing hutongs to Shanghai Fashion Week. Now I’m fusing the Chinese street fashion of Stylites, what has been one of the most popular Chinese fashion blogs, with Pawnstar, my online platform and secondhand shop in the French Concession of Shanghai that features vintage, designer consignment and unique upcycling.

stylites Stylites x Pawnstar 1027049948 1

The most interesting part about Pawnstar is the customers. They live throughout China and are pioneers, since until recently only the poor wore secondhand fashion. It was even called dead people’s clothing.

stylites Stylites x Pawnstar 2051348435

China will soon be the largest consumer market in the world. Hopefully, Pawnstar will encourage more people in China to re-use and recycle fashion items.

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Climate Change with Adrien Cheng and Vivienne Westwood at K11

Here is an article I wrote for Cobo Social on “GET A LIFE!” with Vivienne Westwood that will run from December 20, 2016 to February 28, 2017 at Shanghai’s K11 Art Mall, the brainchild of Adrien Cheng. The exhibit pulls together a great body of Westwood’s activism related output and links it with works by Chinese artists curated by Song Zhenxi of the K11 Art Foundation.

As you will see if you read my article, the overwhelming focus of this is on climate change, a topic quite relevant in a city like Shanghai that sits close to the sea and at a very low elevation.

Another perspective by Jing Zhang of the South China Morning Post, Jessica Rapp from the Jing Daily, and some basic info on Adrien Cheng at the Art Newspaper.

Duval Leroy in Shanghai

Duval Leroy Duval Leroy in Shanghai 834137925

Come to Pawnstar for Duval Leroy champagne to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  The Year of the Cock is upon us. Yes, we realize that you are probably not actually in town but some people are and for them this could be quite fun.  It says in the above flier that you need to bring a group but I think we can probably bend the rules if you spend 3000 yourself. In any case, we hope to see you for a few flutes of Duval Leroy champagne at the Clement Apartments.

Upcycling from Pawnstar

Upcycling Upcycling from Pawnstar 1826017432

China’s leading secondhand and consignment shop, Shanghai-based Pawnstar, focused mostly on contemporary fashion, but upcycling is one of the more unique things that this platform offers. Locally-based independent designer Shen Tian, whose English name is Nisa, works exclusively for Pawnstar on upcycling, often right on the second floor of the Clement Apartments.

Upcycling Upcycling from Pawnstar 1182193672

This post contains some images of some of recent items created by Nisa. All of these items are completely one-of-a-kind. Above is a fascinator made from a combination of a necktie and other items.

Upcycling Upcycling from Pawnstar 2012672071

These are earrings using feathers.

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Stylites in Elitesem

An interview with me focusing on Stylites at elitesem.com as part of their expert interview series. Elitesem is a marketing company with HR practices that seem very attractive, including flex-time and salary transparency. This article from entrepreneur.com has some interesting elite SEM This company is ranked No. 1 in our large-company category on our Top Company Cultures list.

This focuses mostly on Stylites as a Chinese street fashion blog and my endeavors as a consultant and doesn’t really touch on my latest ventures related to shopping in Shanghai and eco fashion.

Pawnstar: Shanghai Vintage and Secondhand Shop

The top Shanghai vintage and secondhand shop, Pawnstar, just came out with some new fliers:

Pawnstar Shanghai French Concession Vintage Shop Consignment Shop shanghai vintage Pawnstar: Shanghai Vintage and Secondhand Shop 693200470

Our message to Chinese customers is that people have way too much stuff, so there is no reason to buy something brand new especially when you consider the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Instead of paying retail every time or just wearing something that is overly recognizable since it is from the latest season, women (and men) should consider shopping on consignment. At the moment, we are more-or-less the major option that is available as the Shanghai vintage and secondhand store par excellence.

We want people to give up that urge – that pressure – to always be seen in the latest trend and start incorporating vintage accessories with designer pieces that may be a season or two old. Hey, for people who really will only wear the latest trend and wear it just once, please just bring those items to us!

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On Yanie Durocher

Shanghai fashion blogger Yanie Durocher appears in Marie Claire Italia wearing an item purchased at Pawnstar  yanie durocher On Yanie Durocher 1964943939

Above, Fashion Blogger Yanie Durocher wears an item she found at Pawnstar’s shop in the Clement Apartments, the heart of Shanghai’s French Concession.

The ever-style Yanie Durocher’s shoot and interview with Marie Claire Italia (in Italian) that happened on her last trip to Milan. See the companion piece on her blog, The Marginalist, here, Yanie as Fashionista in the Shanghai edition of City Weekend, an interview on That’s Shanghaiher PR Agency, and here is the piece that she wrote on fashionstatement.asia.

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Pawnstar QR Code

Shanghai Shopping French Concession Vintage Secondhand Pawnstar Pawnstar Pawnstar QR Code QR Code with the Clement
Scan this Wechat QR Code to add the Pawnstar customer service account, which also provides access to our full product range – from vintage to secondhand designer labels to unique up-cycled items.

Pawnstar, a really unique Shanghai shopping experience, can be enjoyed well beyond our shop in the French Concession!


Pawnstar’s Chinese Name

The name Pawnstar is quite well-known around Shanghai at this point, so we may be stuck with it. I find it rather cute and I don’t think it’s seediness is problematic. What concerns me much more is that there is a famous show from the US with the same name. This obviously is detrimental when it comes to google search results. Most of you probably don’t know our Chinese name.

The Chinese name for Pawnstar is quite clever. The person who came up with it, Mr. Li Xuesong, is an extremely successful entrepreneur based in Beijing. He founded Flamingo, a conglomerate in the realm of real estate marketing or thereabouts. Dangpu (荡铺) is a homonym for the word that means Pawnshop (当铺). Pu just means storefront, but Dang (荡) is a tough word to translate. Probably the easiest way of thinking of it is as “swing”, I’m told. We created the concept of 荡铺 by combined Dang (荡) with the word for store and the result is a concept something along the lines of an adult store but it sounds like the word for Pawnshop. You see, a bit like Pornstar and Pawnstar.

As I’m sure anyone who has dealt with China and its language will know, homonyms are omnipresent. Our end-of-year user’s choice competition used one of the two characters as its name. We proclaimed 2017 the Year of the Chick, in anticipation of the Chinese New Year. Ji (姬) , an archaic word for concubine or high-end, and inevitably very talented, courtesan, is a homonym for Ji (鸡) or chicken or rooster.