Shanghai Fashion Week 2016 Schedule

A lot of people have been asking about schedules for Shanghai Fashion Week 2016, taking place roughly from Oct. 12 to 19, and the various associated trade fairs. There will be a Pawnstar display at MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show and I am likely to stop by The HUB at Super Brand Mall. Greencode is a eco-fashion focused event at Lane Crawford, some of which I will attend.

Shanghai Fashion Week is always a festival of street style. WWD did this feature, which is quite fun.

Click below to see the official schedules.

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Jing Zhang Styles Pawnstar Shoot!

1403338144  Jing Zhang Styles Pawnstar Shoot! 1403338144

Pawnstar was lucky to  have Jing Zhang, one of Asia’s most influential figures in fashion, style a fashion shoot at The Clement Apartments over the weekend. Jing is the Fashion Editor for the South China Morning Post. Beautiful and glamorous, her regular schedule consists of bouncing between Milan, Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai, hobnobbing with legendary fashion designers and researching the inside scoop on what is happening in China. So it was fortunate that we caught her in one her Shanghai stints.

Here is a link to some of her articles at the SCMP and here is a profile of her, as well as her instagram and twitter.

911998066  Jing Zhang Styles Pawnstar Shoot! 911998066

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Pawnstar on Radio

Neville from Entrepreneurs Asia Magazine conducted this extensive interview with Jane Jia that provides overviews of her background, how she got into recycling fashion and plans for the future development of Pawnstar. This is about a half-hour interview. Jane explains how her irritation with waste of plastic bags when she was little and working on energy savings while in her former automation jobs were the first seeds that led to her start a business involving giving secondhand goods a second life.

Jane explains that many people in China really are ready for secondhand clothes but that the big challenge is finding an appropriate platform and how in the end, a small business like this really has to be on every platform, which is something of a drag and a risk. Wechat works best for attracting loyal users and for interacting with them in a direct way via the personal accounts. It’s also quite possible to sell items through wechat moments. However, the wechat store system has simply not become a preferred way for customers to shop. Thus, Taobao is still important but on taobao one is at the mercy of taobao’s rules The trick of trying to sell one-off secondhand items in a marketplace that is customized to fit the demands of manufacturers with thousands of products available.

I will follow-up in the next post about the perennial question of the website.


“City Garden” By Yiwen Studio

699931237  "City Garden" By Yiwen Studio 699931237

Yiwen Studio is not a brand that gets talked a huge amount by Western fashion media, bloggers, etc.  Former actress Cao Yiwen started her brand about five years ago and has a very loyal following of stylish, affluent ladies in Beijing and Shanghai, where she has boutiques in Sanlitun and Julu Road in the Former French Concession, respectively.  She has also shown at Shanghai Fashion Week.

965797922  "City Garden" By Yiwen Studio 965797922

Her pop-up at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing just started.  Click below for more photos. Continue reading