Pawnstar on Radio

Neville from Entrepreneurs Asia Magazine conducted this extensive interview with Jane Jia that provides overviews of her background, how she got into recycling fashion and plans for the future development of Pawnstar. This is about a half-hour interview. Jane explains how her irritation with waste of plastic bags when she was little and working on energy savings while in her former automation jobs were the first seeds that led to her start a business involving giving secondhand goods a second life.

Jane explains that many people in China really are ready for secondhand clothes but that the big challenge is finding an appropriate platform and how in the end, a small business like this really has to be on every platform, which is something of a drag and a risk. Wechat works best for attracting loyal users and for interacting with them in a direct way via the personal accounts. It’s also quite possible to sell items through wechat moments. However, the wechat store system has simply not become a preferred way for customers to shop. Thus, Taobao is still important but on taobao one is at the mercy of taobao’s rules The trick of trying to sell one-off secondhand items in a marketplace that is customized to fit the demands of manufacturers with thousands of products available.

I will follow-up in the next post about the perennial question of the website.


“City Garden” By Yiwen Studio

699931237  "City Garden" By Yiwen Studio 699931237

Yiwen Studio is not a brand that gets talked a huge amount by Western fashion media, bloggers, etc.  Former actress Cao Yiwen started her brand about five years ago and has a very loyal following of stylish, affluent ladies in Beijing and Shanghai, where she has boutiques in Sanlitun and Julu Road in the Former French Concession, respectively.  She has also shown at Shanghai Fashion Week.

965797922  "City Garden" By Yiwen Studio 965797922

Her pop-up at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing just started.  Click below for more photos. Continue reading

Sebastian, at the Clement

276123010  Sebastian, at the Clement 276123010

Here are some pics from a recent photo shoot that we did right outside of the new Pawnstar space at the Clement Apartments, one of the French Concession’s loveliest residential complexes.  Pawnstar is an online platform and physical shop for fashion resale.  We are working to introduce Chinese consumers to the concepts of secondhand fashion and designer consignment.

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Pawnstar at the Clement Apartments

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 1.22.07 PM  Pawnstar at the Clement Apartments Screen Shot 2016 05 06 at 1

Not as famous as the Normandie, Astrid, Washington, Liberty or some of the other famous pre-Liberation apartment blocks in the French Concession – sometimes referred to as the Hengshan Road-Fuxing Road Historic Area – the Clement Apartments, at Fuxing Middle Road 1363, is one of the more eccentric unexpected complexes in an area of Shanghai known globally for its art deco.

The first Pawnstar showroom/experience center will be opening on the first floor of the building to the left of the main entrance on the first floor.  You just have to walk in the main entrance and walk left, passing through the small garden.  We are in the process of the renovations and decorating, so we will save the in-depth introduction to our own space for later.  I would like to introduce the Clement first.

Please click below to read more about the Clement.

14  Pawnstar at the Clement Apartments 14 1


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Pawnstar Booth @ The HUB

1012987989  Pawnstar Booth @ The HUB 1012987989

The Pawnstar booth at The HUB had a few rather fun highlights.

747986570  Pawnstar Booth @ The HUB 747986570

I think the one to start with is the facade of the former Lafayette Theater, designed by Shanghai’s most famous architect, Hungarian László Hudec.  From my perspective, it’s unfortunate that the interior of the building did not preserve any sort of period detailing.  It was a gut renovation.

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Pawnstar Party at The HUB

1974945284  Pawnstar Party at The HUB 1974945284

In addition to quite an impressive assortment of sponsors, the Pawnstar first year anniversary party had a great body-painting artist who wrote in very stylized versions of the worlds “Pawnstar”, “Re-love” and “Re-use”.

1999637384  Pawnstar Party at The HUB 1999637384

Above is Shen Tian, one of the leading designers focused on upcycling in China and a key Pawnstar collaborator.

1325090530  Pawnstar Party at The HUB 1325090530

Click to see more photos.

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To the Skies!

756940259  To the Skies! 756940259 

Here is the Bifu by Chen Xing pop-up being set-up.

1463310447  To the Skies! 1463310447

And some photos from his latest fashion shoot.  Chen Xing is taking off this time as he again brings a chic pop-up lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing. The fashion show for his latest collection will also be the first event on Opus Terrace this year.  It will be taking place on April 9.

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Coverage of Zamani

Some coverage of the recent pop-up Zamani x Rechenberg pop-up at the Four Seasons includes this interview with founder Matin Zaman from Jing Daily. Matin explains that Chinese are just now getting into having a nice space to live in. He also notes that “people don’t like the rugs that are used in China. People like brand new things. Therefore, in our exhibition we’ve been more successful with the modern pieces,” and that his role is to educate on the “difference between hand-spun wool and machine-spun wool, or what’s the difference between chemical dye and natural dye, or what’s the difference between doing a double knot and single knot” so that people understand why they are paying so much.

Coverage of the pop-up also appeared in the Beijinger as well as here and here.

A Discussion of London Fashion Week

Together with House of Ikons, the Four Seasons Hotel present an opportunity for Beijing-based fashion designers to explore the possibility of participating in London Fashion Week. If you’re interested in learning more througb speaking with House of Ikons founder Savita Kaye, stop by the hotel on Friday afternoon!

This is part of an exhibition that will be in the hotel from March 23 till 31 that showcases some of the gowns and shows that House of Ikons brought to London Fashion Week over the past year.

Click more for the details.

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The HUB at Lafayette Cinema

996794182  The HUB at Lafayette Cinema 996794182

Literally on top of the Xintiandi subway exit sits the former Lafayette Cinema, which will be the new venue for The HUB, Asia’s leading premium fashion trade fair.

This truly fantastic venue is now called the Art & Design Centre, at 323 Middle Fuxing Road. This is definitely the most beautiful large-scale venue in the Xintiandi region. One of László Hudec’s masterpieces, the building first opened in 1933 and was renovated again in recent years and has played host to quite a few fashion events, including one by Louis Vuitton, and was also the site for the Kick the Gong Around market in 2014. The HUB will be happening there from April 9 to 11, the same time as Shanghai Fashion Week.
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