Juma Studio @ FSBJ


‘Journey’ by Juma Studio opens at the Four Seasons Hotel Beijing next week.

For the last few months we have been working on a program of pop-up shops at the hotel that I believe has the potential to remake the retail landscape here in China.

With space at shopping centers in China’s top cities difficult to come by for multi-brand stores and smaller designers and traffic far too low on streets, luxury hotels are an interesting alternative for independent players. A regular flow of high-end customers, premium locations, a tendency on the Mainland toward very large lobbies and the need of these hotels for fresh content all combine to offer a very attractive environment for independent players in fashion. These types of shopping experiences have been seen at hotels in the West but they are more important in China, given the size and speed of development of the market. Niche retailers like Wuhao or a small, start-up, brand like Juma can get their foothold in this market via this kind of event.

Here’s an interesting article from the Jing Daily on the subject.

Click below to see some of the rudimentary mood boards that I created.

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Lady Liaoliao


Lady Liaoliao is a rising fashion blogger on wechat, though she describes herself more as the head of a media company, which doubtless reflects greater ambitions.  The wechat ID of her official account is liaoliaofashion.

Zhang Chi Masks

Zhang Chi

9/11 aside, it’s funny that apocalypse-type movies are always set in New York when in Beijing the Four Horsemen always seem to be around the corner. Three more days of this and evacuation plans should be activated, but before that I need to start wearing a gas mask from Zhang Chi.

Beijing is back to hazardous 400 Pm 2.5 levels after around a half year of being at merely unhealthy levels.

Tianzhuo Chen


Jing Daily Publisher Philana Woo contributed this photo of terribly hip artist Tianzhuo Chen.  Chen is best known in the fashion world for his collaborations with Sankuanz.  Here is a video of the FW 2014 Sankuanz collection that they did together.  About her photo, Philana says “Chen demonstrates the dynamism and creativity of China’s younger generation whose taste is galaxies beyond that of  their label-clad parents.”  Here are some recent pieces by Philana on Jingdaily.

For Fashion Brands Looking to Enter China

This article from Richard Hobbs’ article on hypebeast is essential reading for brands looking to get into the Chinese fashion market at this particular juncture. Richard explains the way China is moving from being a luxury to a premium market and the new rise of independent, multi-brand stores.

The HUB Breaks Through

The HUB 2

The HUB has always had great exhibitors including well-known names like Naked and Famous, Chester Barrie, Evisu, Barbour, and Private V.C. White as well as countless niche and designer brands.  What it lacked in previous editions was a great venue close to the center of the city and a large group of  buyers and other key fashion industry figures from the Mainland.  With the China Fashion Forum and other top groups from the Mainland participating this time, The HUB really did feel like it was the center of the fashion industry action here.

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