Palin is Formidable

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Edward commented that Sarah Palin was a very rough and tough seeming woman. The thought of her leading the US at some point, since McCain is so old, was both amusing and frightening. Were he able to vote – and he does strongly believe that there should be American style elections in China – he would choose Obama. Apparently love for Obama is not confined to China’s youth. Over 70% of Chinese surveyed say they prefer that the US have its first African American president. They believe Obama will have a much better understanding of foreign countries and the position that the US should have in a more globalized world.

As far as his outfit goes, I really like the concept but would recommend two changes. First, black shoes would probably be better with this look. Second, a real tie rather than a clip-on would elevate the look several levels. It’s not that easy to find real bow ties around here though. The long cardigan/plaid pants combo is neat.

Palin is Formidable

I actually run into Edward rather frequently in my neighborhood and forgot to put up this picture from earlier in the year. At this point he was working in the new Westin Hotel, where President Bush stayed during the Olympics. Edward is a graduate of the main university of foreign affairs in Beijing. He is now a freelance journalist.

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