Pawnstar Consignment Instructions

Pawnstar is a consignment sales platform with both online and offline channels dedicated to providing consumers a system to make the best use and get the greatest value out of every product or item. Please click more to see the instructions for consignors.

1. We don’t accept the most common types luxury bags or items such as Chanel 2.55, Chanel LEBOY, Chanel CF, LADY DIOR, PRADA Saffiano BN2274, Chloe Drew Bags…etc.
2. Over-sized items such as large furniture.
3. Fragile items such as glassware.
4. Items that cannot be shipped via express delivery, such as items containing alcohol or flammable items.
5. Items that are prohibited for sale under the laws of The People’s Republic of China, such as simulated weapons or used underwear.
6. Unclean items. (Pawnstar will be responsible of cleaning all recycled items, however we still request that consignors clean the consigned items beforehand)
7. Pawnstar accepts all items you wish to sell on consignment except for the aforementioned, though we reserve the right to reject items based on specific circumstances of our business etc.

Consignment Process

1. Please read and accept these consignment instructions. Pawnstar uses an electronic signature to confirm with you by email, in an effort to save on paper. However, please refer to customer support if you require a physical printout and signature. We will then ship two copies of this agreement to your designated location via express delivery, subject to confirmation with both parties’ signatures. Pawnstar will be responsible for all expenses incurred such as shipping and printing.
2. Take photos of all items you wish to sell on consignment and send them to customer support for screening. Customer support will get back to you within one business day informing you whether or not your items are qualified for sale.
3. Send photos of your ID to the customer service.
4. Pack and ship the items for sale to our warehouse address provided by customer support. (The consignor is responsible for the incurring shipping cost of this procedure) Pawnstar does not sign for any parcels sent via payment by recipient.
5. We will process all received items as follows:
A. With items that are in poor condition or seriously damaged, yet are still durable and reusable such as quilted coats and cotton shoes, we will donate them to clothing recycling-related charities or directly to recipients in need. In order to maximize the value and make the most out of every item, donations will be made to different organizations or individuals based on demand. If you wish to learn more about the charitable recipients’ current statuses, please contact customer support to obtain our latest issue of “Pawnstar’s Donation Project Booklet”. Prior to donating, our customer support will confirm with you by taking clear photos of all the damage on your items. Examples of damage include labels fallings off, breakage or unstitched areas, discoloration, colors fading, wear and tear, pilling or deformation.
B. With items that are in poor condition, showing clear usage marks or have quality issues, yet are relatively on-trend in styles such as fashionable apparels like chiffon skirts, we will move them into Pawnstar’s internal non-profit programs including re-dying, up-cycling, and the “Monday Carnival” Giveaway Project…etc.
C. Items in good condition but with market retail values of less than 30 RMB  such as rubber bands, pencils and home-décor items will be moved directly to Giveaway Project.
D. For items with resale values, excluding the three aforementioned scenarios, we will email you a confirmation list within 10 business days, stating the list of sellable items, their statuses and Pawnstar’s pricings, items will be on the shelves within 3 business upon confirmation from the consignor. Considering items may not all be in season, we cannot guarantee that all your items will be on the shelves at once.

– In-season, brand new items with tags will be priced at no more than 50% of current market retail prices; other brand new items will be priced at no more than 30% of current market retail prices; out-of-season items will be priced at no more than 20% of current market retail prices.
– For fast fashion items such as ZARA, H&M, PULL&BEAR, UNIQLO, MANGO, M&S, C&A, UR, TOPSHOP, FOREVER21, GAP, ASOS…etc. Half-length clothing such as T-shirts and skirts will be priced at 30 Yuan, full-length clothing and thick winter-wears such as one-piece dresses, suit jacket and coats will be priced at 49-99 Yuan.
– Pawnstar prices to sell. We will not negotiate pricings with consignors except in very special circumstances such as in the case of highly valuable antiques or precious gemstones.
– The aforementioned pricing standards do not apply to the following: Designer-Collaborative collections, Designer runway collections, Special Custom made collections, gem-set precious metal or jewelry items, artists’ or designers’ signature series…etc.

Duration of Consignment Sales 
1. Fast fashion items will be for sale for 30 days and then will be moved to Pawnstar’s Donation project and non-profit programs afterwards. Items will not be returned to the consignors.
2. Footwear items will be for sale for 30 days. The consignors will then have the options of taking back or letting Pawstar donate on their behalf.
3. All other items will be on sale for 120 days.
4. Within the duration of consignment sales, the consignors have the right to withdraw all or part of the items for sale except for fast fashion items. Pawnstar will return consigned items within 10 business days upon receiving notification through email or postal mail – as well as covering all  shipping costs.
5. The beginning of a consignment sale is the day the confirmation list is received by the consignor. At the end of sales duration, the consignor can choose to take back unsold items and Pawnstar will cover all incurring shipping cost. The consignor can also choose to simply leave the items with Pawnstar, thereby giving up a right to the percentage of the sale price when the items are sold.


Pawnstar settles accounts on a monthly basis, we calculate all items sold from the previous month during the first to the fifth day of every month. Consignors can choose to collect 40% of the agreed prices in cash or 55% in the form of in-store credit. In-store credit can be used to purchase anything in the store and are valid for 180 days; credit will automatically be invalidated after that. Consignors that choose in-store coupons can switch to cash at any time, Pawnstar will settle for them from the beginning of the following month.
Settlement currency: RMB
Settlement channel: Alipay

Cases special in which the consignment agreement will be abrogated
1. The consignor doesn’t agree with Pawnstar’s consignment sales rules.
2. The consignor personally or anonymously slanders Pawnstar’s brand image in the duration of the consignment sales, including propagating on social media or by word of mouth.
3. The consignor intentionally submits counterfeit, grey market or other misrepresented or dangerous items for consignment.
4. Pawnstar doesn’t complete all agreed tasks stated within the consignment sales rules in a timely fashion.
5. Mother nature or other unusual circumstance such as earthquake, collapse of building, fire, flood, war…etc.

Pawnstar’s responsibilities and promises
1. We promise that all tasks are operated with the principle of recycling in mind, by helping consignors find buyers for unwanted items while also helping consumers to find their desired items.
2. We promise not to intentionally knock the prices of consigned items down just to make profit and not to raise the agreed price, either. If we give customers discounts under special circumstances, we will still settle with the consignors based on the originally agreed selling prices while being responsible. If a certain item gets sold at a higher than originally agreed price, we will then settle with its consignor based on the final sales price.
3. We promise not to knowingly sell counterfeits or grey market items just to make profit, we will cut labels when receiving counterfeited items and re-price them based on the values of their materials.
4. We promise to handle all consigned items with care. We will settle with the consignors as if the items were sold if they get damaged while in our posession.
5. We promise not to use consignors’ personal information for commercial use without their prior consent.

8. Everything that hasn’t been covered should be settled by both parties in good faith.
9. Pawnstar reserves the right to final interpretations.

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