Porcelain Claw瓷器爪饰

<!--:en-->Porcelain Claw<!--:--><!--:zh-->瓷器爪饰<!--:--> P1060772

Taxidermy is nothing new and animal parts have been used for centuries as ornament. Therefore, it should be no surprise when Chinese-born, Finland-based Shumeng Ye, unveils a porcelain chicken claw. Conceptual in its approach but still visceral, this porcelain chicken claw is elegantly
done in glazed off-white porcelain and can be a singular accessory for a fine dinner party.
These are available at Nouveau-Riche. – Jeffrey Ying

<!--:en-->Porcelain Claw<!--:--><!--:zh-->瓷器爪饰<!--:--> P1060772

剥制术并不新鲜,而动物的身体部分也曾长时间被用来作为装饰。因此,当在中国出生,目前生活于芬兰的设计师Shumeng Ye制作出一只瓷器鸡爪时,就不足为奇了。这只瓷器鸡爪用釉面白瓷做成,优雅而特别,非常适合佩戴至高级晚宴派对。可以在“暴发户”买到。


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