Recent Photo Shoots

Recent Photo Shoots IMG 512511

One doesn’t normally think of general managers of hotels as particular exemplars of cool, but in my job I run across quite a few of them, I decided to a do a shoot for my magazine of the small bunch that actually have a bit of flare. This shoot for LifeStyle by Teresa Yeh, a long-term collaborator, included, among others, Joe Ho and Francois Vanvi. Jeffrey Ying, an important business associate of Stylites, has also been busy recently.

Recent Photo Shoots IMG 54762

He was stylist in this Bazaar Jewelry photo shoot of this young lady, a top manager at Qicai Yunnan (七彩云南), one of China’s premier luxury brands, specializing in jewelry, tea, and restaurants. After this, she treated us to a lovely Yunnanese dinner at one of these establishments.

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